White Hag

These Hags are said to live in the mountains of Dakmor, although some have been supposedly sighted in the mountains around the main continent. Whether this is true or not is unverified.

The bheur, or white hag, of legend is said to be the bringer of winter, capable of spreading deadly cold over a wide area. Tales are uncertain whether there is only one bheur or many, but in all stories she is a powerful and malevolent creature who serves the useful purpose of helping to bring winter. She is invariably defeated add driven off each spring.

In most stories the bheur resembles a hidepus, wrinkled old crone with pale blue-white skin and snow-white hair, wrapped in a tattered gray-blue shawl. She carries a gnarled gray staff taller than she is, and her voice howls of icy winds.

Some stories tell of the bheur and orglash (ice spirits) working in concert to mislead, attack, and devour travelers. No one knows whether these tales of cooperation between the blue hag and orglash are true; witnesses are unlikely to live to tell the tale.

The Dakmorian believe that the bheur is a natural part of the land and serves a useful purpose, but they will fight the white hag if she begins to act arbitrarily or cruelly. As the Dakmorian say, winter is the best part of the year, but even winter pales in the months of Summer.


A bheur carries her staff of frost, the staff functions only for a bheur; out of her hands, it is useless. If a bheur’s staff is lost or destroyed, she must leave the Prime Material Plane for a year in order to regain a new one.

The bheur is entirely immune to all cold-based attacks and suffers only half damage from fire-based attacks, but she sustains double damage from acid and electricity. The bheur is thus reluctant to engage wizards who use such spells in combat.

Habitat/Society: Some claim that the bheur themselves bring the cold, others that the cold draws the bheur.

As the skies turn slate-gray and snow swirls down from the sky, driven on howling winds, the Dakmorian shut their doors tightly, make certain that they have laid in enough wood and food for the winter, and cower in the terrible weather. During this time the bheur is abroad, and most Dakmorian fear her greatly. Like the dreaded Uthraki shapechanging spirits, bheur prefer to prey upon lone travelers, freezing them and devouring their frozen bodies. The bheur is also said to sneak into people’s homes if the doors and windows are not proper sealed, where they snatch away young children or unsuspecting residents. Such stories are probably cautionary tales against leaving windows and doors open, but they usually do the job keeping young Dakmorian in line for fear of the White hag.

Ecology: No one has ever seen two white hags together, leading to a widespread belief that there is only one bheur in all of Dakmor. After freezing victims, the bheur dines on the icy corpses, and it is said that anyone who sees a bheur devour its victim may be struck blind or driven mad.

White Hag

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