Militia: 24

Hp: 1d6 + 2 Ac: 8 (7)

Equipment: Padded, spear or Shield and short sword or hand axe or club

Names: Oldin, Koll, Connin, Semera, Morinth, Nauran, Petra, Palia, Isil, Elise, Louis, Haum, Olek, Howdin, Morril, Hamond, Vallity, Mord, Amell, Paidan, Galdeth, Quade, Adrian, Falcie. 

The Militia of Belfast are weary faced peasants, dressed in grimy armour that looks like it was used by their forebearers the men and women holding weapons seem to find assurance there, as if in the face of no hope, defending against the undead hordes is a simple necessity unlikely to change soon but they're getting used to that. 


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