Guard Captain

Theobard Crane

Level : 3

Str:16 Dex:15 Con:18 Int:12 Wis:11 Cha:13 

Hp: 35 Ac: 2

Equipment: Chainmail, Heater shield, Longsword + 1 (Masterwork) 

A burly man with shoulder length brown hair and a beard, a feather/fur mantle is draped over him and is pinned down over his right shoulder by a large Owl skull that rests on it. 

Bio: Theobard was once a soldier before he deserted instead of following the order to kill a woman and her child, he then became a mercenary selling his sword for gold. Rumour had it that a creature had been attacking merchants on the roads around Belfast and so Theo and a few other brave souls were hired to investigate and slay the beast if such it was. After killing the creature he had it crafted into a cloak. He took up a position in the Belfast guard after that, and quickly became the captain of the guard. He feels it his duty that he protects the small town of Belfast even if the threat is an undead army that he doesn't know how to kill. 


Guard Captain

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