A Dissertation on Hags

All hags are fae, most are of the winter court though a few are Wyld fae. There is said to be a type of summer hag but these are uncomfirmed.

Hags are witchlike beings that spread havoc and destruction, working their magics, and slaying all whom they encounter.

Hags appear as wretched old women, with long, frayed hair and withered faces. Horrid moles and warts dot their blotchy skin, their mouths are filled with blackened teeth, and their breath is most foul. Though wrinkled and skinny, hags possess supernatural strength and can easily crush smaller creatures, such as goblins, with one hand. Similarly, though hags look decrepit, they run swiftly, easily bounding over rocks or logs in their path. From the long, skinny fingers of hags grow iron-like claws. Hags use these claws (and their supernatural strength) to rend and tear at opponents in combat. Their garb is similar to that of peasant women, but usually much more tattered and filthy.

Combat The combat abilities of hags vary with each type (see below for details), but all hags possess the following: 18/00 Strength or greater, some level of magic resistance, and the spell-like ability to change self at will. Hags use this last ability to attract victims, frequently posing as young human or demihuman females, helpless old women, or occasionally as orcs or hobgoblins. A disguised hag reveals her true form and leaps to the attack when weak opponents come near. Against well armed and armored parties, hags maintain their disguise and employ further trickery designed to place the intended victim in a more vulnerable position. This trickery can take any of several forms, including verbal persuasion, leading the victim into a prearranged trap, and so on.

The one weakness of hags is their arrogance. Hags have great disdain for the mental abilities of all humans and demihumans and, though hags are masterful employers of disguise, clever characters may be able to glean a hag’s true nature through conversation.

Habitat/Society: Hags live alone or in covens of three. They always choose desolate, out-of-the-way places in which to dwell. They sometimes coexist with ogres or evil giants. The former act as servants or guards for hags, but giants are treated with respect (for obvious reasons) and often cooperate with hags to accomplish acts of great evil against the outside world.

Ecology: Hags have a ravenous appetite and are able to devour man-sized creatures in just 10 rounds. They prefer human flesh, but settle for orc or demihuman when necessary. Legends say that hags can change their unborn child for that of a human female while she sleeps. They further state that any mother who brings such a child to term is then slain by the hag-child she carries. Fortunately, such ghastly tales have never been proven.

Hags hoard fine treasure, using the jewelry and coins to decorate the bones of their more powerful victims, and the finer gems (500 gp value or higher) to manufacture magical hag eyes.

A Dissertation on Hags

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